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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Tidbits

I thought I might share some ideas on "my plan" and how it works for us.  My husband and I started this together last year. He lost 30 lbs and I lost 26.  It has been the only "diet" or eating plan he has ever been successful with for any extended time.

As I have said and I'm sure each of you would agree, Diets Work.....but only as long as you stay "on" them....So we knew we needed a life change not another "diet".  We happened to see Roger Troy Wilson on a tv program, became interested in what he had to say.  Pat wanted to order the book and I thought "just another diet" but if Pat was willing to try it I would too.  It went against some of the ideas I had from other diet plans but I was willing to help my husband try this thing.  Success! And ladies it changed the "cooking" thing at my house.  I do not have to prepare supper every night!!!

Now I know for you who have children at home still you will have to modify this to fit their needs as well.  You would still prepare meals for them, but you would learn to eat only the part of that meal that qualified on the program, saving the bulk of the  supper for your lunch the following day. 

The basic principle of our plan:
Breakfast: High fiber cooked cereal (steel cut oats)
sweetened with honey and a few raisins/ craisins and cinnamon
Fruit smoothie ( I sometimes save my for mid-morning snack)
Lunch: All the lean protein you can eat!! Veggies and salad too.
(no potatoes, white rice or pasta or breads)
Dinner: Veggies, fruits, salads.......no protein at this meal
If you will "load up" on your good proteins at lunch you will
soon find you won't be very hungry at dinner as you are still
processing your lunch meal.
There's much more options, these are just our general schedule

When I do prepare our foods I cook extra, for instance I cook the whole 3 lbs of chicken at one time.  You already have the oven on, or the large pan warm, cook it all to use maybe in two or three recipes.  I have baked Chicken Parmesan and Honey Mustard Chicken at the same time for our lunches for the week. Bake two meatloafs, one for now and freeze one in personal size portions to use next week or later.
We have a recipe for lean yummy burger patties, we grill three pounds of these at one time. We package them individually and freeze them.  After a while you have a large assortment of yummy, healthy foods in your freezer to chose from.

For snacking we are allowed all the fruit ( or veggies ) you want, whenever you want them.  I have found that frozen red grapes are delicious and on those hot summer days can (can!) replace ice cream ( did I really say that?? I am the Ice Cream Queen!)

I plan ahead for that mid-morning snack attack.  I have fruit snack planned or my favorite is my Waldorf Salad: chopped celery, chopped apples, some raisins and walnuts and a couple tablespoons of cottage cheese (you could use lowfat yogurt here too)  I mix that together and voila!!! A low calorie, good fiber snack.
And that  "all so mean" afternoon craving we get......don't that just kill you, about 3:00 p.m. you know you just "got to" have something.....I usually have a small serving of cottage cheese and fruit.  If you don't like cottage cheese find a yogurt that does not have fructose corn syrup in it.  Or just eat you a big bowl of fruit.  One of the keys to this eating program, you eat fruit, lots of fruit, until you realize.......you quit craving sweets!!! Yes....the fruit will balance out your raging desire for all those sweets and when that desire rears it's head......you've got Made to Crave!!!! principles to rely on.

We all need a plan!
 With a plan and what you are learning in our bible study you can do this thing... 


Lisha said...

Thanks for sharing your plan. I'll have to print this out and try it as a rough plan until I can get the book. I'd like your recipe for the Honey Mustard Chicken and the Chicken Parmesan. Those might be good ones to post next weekend for our weekend recipes.

Faith said...

Thanks for sharing your plan. I will have to do the same it will take some work for me as I am used to having my salad and stuff at lunch and eating my meat at dinner but as you said it is a life style change. My husband keeps turning to all the junk like cookies, ice cream and chips and I tell him I am trying to make healthier eating choices. I went to VI and I had a fruit chicken salad instead of hamburgers and french fries. I am still having troubles with the chips and ice cream though. I will keep working on it and trusting in God and turning to God.