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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stinkin'. Rotten, Horrible, No Good Day - Chapter 11

I kinda had a "stinkin', rotten," moment yesterday....oh, yes, I caught myself thinking "How would I apply Bible Study to this?"  It wasn't about food.  It was about life, real life and the situation at hand had me really frustrated.  It took me "off-guard" and made me really look at my attitude as I knew God was speaking to me at that moment. 
"So, Patti....where am I in this moment?"  I had some soul searching to do and found I really wanted to turn to Him with that irritation and He renewed my mind and spirit.
Not long after that I sat down to read today's lesson.......God is so good.  He knows what we need even before we ask.

Turn North!!! Oh I need this tattooed across my mind.   It's time to move on!
"an important part of turning north is taking off our masks and asking for help"
that's where this bible study can help you, here you have the opportunity to begin to unmask, step out and share.  It's so much easier to share in "comments" here than maybe in a group.  There's a button here to select if you need prayer, go ahead, check it, we  may not know who checked that button, but He does and we will pray for you.

Be still and know that I am God - Psalm 46:10

Do you struggle with this like I do?  This is probably my greatest challenge, "Be still".
It's when we finally sit down, shut up and be quiet that He can speak volumes to us.
As I was thinking on this I came across a few scriptures to share that may encourage you today.
Isaiah 30:7b "Their strength is to sit still"
Psalm 131:2 I quieted my soul like a weaned child. (weaned child)
Job 37:14 Listen to this, O Job; stand still and consider the wondrous works of God

Your  "heart shaped" cup....what have you been trying to fill your cup with?

There's just so much in today's lesson.  I hope this "Stinkin', Rotten, Horrible, No Good chapter really speaks to you in "Luscious, Glorious and Wonderful"  ways today.

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