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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Replacing My Cravings - Chapter 2

"This wasn't really about the scale or what clothing size I was; it was about the battle that raged within my heart"
Do I have a "battle" raging within my heart?  I think the "battle" or "urging" for me was to realize I really needed a "heart relationship" and not just a "head knowledge" of who He is.  And like Lysa "I'd make radical changes for the sake of my spiritual health perhaps even more than my physical health."  When the spiritual me is in tact, the physical me will follow.  What a concept to take that which the enemy can really beat me up with and turn it back to the Lord.

Personal Reflections:
How do you respond to the idea of using your cravings as a prompt to pray?

As Lisha said, "we must eat," we can't just throw away all food so this battle is
a daily process in which we can use this prompting to turn to Him.
This is a key element to this study.

Psalm 5:3 NKJ
My voice you shall hear in the morning, O Lord, in the morning I will direct it to you and I will look up (expectations).
Give God the "firstfruits" of your day. Not the leftovers at the end.
This does not have to be lengthy and may be something new for you,
but give it a try. You may find it sets you up for "success".

Unhealthy cravings?  What else do we crave? What else do we seek after to fill the voids in our lives that Jesus would say to us " Let Me"?  

I pray your days are filled with thoughts of Him and He will become your greatest craving today.


Lisha said...

I can relate to Lysa's statement, "Food was what I turned to in times of stress, sadness, and even in times of happiness." Our whole culture is geared towards food. Think about it, every birthday, holiday, or celebration of any kind always involves food. And what happens when there is a funeral? We all bring food and we eat. Obviously there is nothing wrong with these things in moderation, but that's where I struggle. Portion control or choosing the veggie tray instead of the brownies.

My biggest culprit is stress. I find that when things rev up at our house and I feel like I'm barely hanging on just to keep up with the basics, healthy food preparation goes out the window in favor of something quick and easy. My challenge today is this: When stress rises up, and it will rise, use that to turn me to prayer and Christ instead of a bag of chips from the pantry.

I feel like this battle to honestly change my eating habits is going to be a hard one. She talks about taking down the walls brick by brick. That sounds tiring to me, but I know that this process is not an overnight fix. And I think Lysa's right - "I had to see the purpose of my struggle as something more than wearing smaller sizes." Boy, this is the truth for me too. If all it takes is a desire to wear the skinny jeans, then I would've conquered this a long time ago.

Faith said...

Well I can say I am in the same boat as you my friend as you hit it right on the head of the nail for me too. I am also proclaiming the scriptures given in the book each day when I get them and trying to make better food choices. I Praise God that He is all I need and His Love is what I need him to fill me with so it can flow to others. I know it is not as easy as it is to say but I know my God is Faithful. To God be the Glory in me and Through me Amen.