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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day One Assignment - Monday March 14th

Read the Introduction to the study, pages 11-18.  Familiarize yourself with the idea and find one thing that spoke to you, encouraged you or challenged you.  Could you share that one thing (or more if you choose) and post it here in comments?

Also, the photos to the right....are websites that I think you would really enjoy.
The Made to Crave has lots of info, encouragements, etc.  Go there and sign up for the 21 Day Challenge.  I haven't done this yet but will now that we are ready to start our adventure together.  Lysa will send you a daily email for encouragement, that could be really good for all of us.

You can sign up also to be a "Follower".  Don't be intimidated, you will need a "Google" account, but be brave, do it! 

Tomorrow morning I will do my first post for the study.  You are encouraged to comment anytime that works for you tomorrow.  Can't wait to hear from each of you so we know who all is with us for this journey!  God Bless.


Faith said...

What touched me was about the compromise I am seeking to find out why I keep compromising because I really want to obey and receive the promises of God as well as trying to find my "want to". I do want to be healthy it is getting into action that I am having troubles with as well as being able to fit the right foods in my shopping expenses and changing my eating habits

Lisha said...

I liked what Lysa shared about the battle being spiritual, physical, and mental. I've always felt like I can only do well in one area at a time. If I'm doing well with daily time in the word and prayer, then I'm not doing so well with exercise and eating right. When I'm exercising and eating right, I seem to lack spiritually. I've often said, "I wish I could get all areas in a good place at the same time and keep it there."

Antoher thing I can totally relate to is the vicios cycle of feeling like a failure. Two years ago I was doing very well. I had lost a chunk of weight and still had a long way to go, but was making progress. I had some set backs and got very discouraged. I was at it for a year and although I was in a smaller size, I still felt fat. That's discouraging!

My hope is that this study will help me. I'm hopeful about it and yet tentative about whether I will ever get where I want to be with my weight, and being healthy.