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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wherever You Go......

Do you have a special place? Perhaps a certain restaurant, maybe a park or flower garden, a path along a meandering stream, but a place that pulls you back to a time and a memory and your soul says "this was good"?  Today I knew I had returned to such a good place.  I've been here several times before but as I began to re-read my study guide for our Ruth study, once again it was that "special place". 

Ruth, a small four-chapter narrative nestled into the Old Testament.  Many see it only as a beautiful love story and many a college and university has taught it as an eloquent literature piece.  Many has used it's few verses, chapter 1:16-17 for wedding vows.

You've heard it said "Dynamite comes in small packages", well, Ruth may be a small book but it is filled with it's own, unique "dynamite".  The ancient Jewish scriptures often included Ruth with the book of the prophets. Huh?  A prophetic book? Well, stay with us and you will see the prophecy unfold in the story of Ruth.

We will slowly unpack the revealing "real story" behind the story and discover revelations that are woven through out her story.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sounding Off

While we did have a good first meeting for our Ruth Study last night, something is weighing on my mind this morning. 

When I clicked on my computer yesterday there was a "top story?" about one of our your military men who has "come out" and chose to do that via You Tube while on the phone with his father.  I have no desire to watch the "Tube".  I did scan down thru just some of the over 200 remarks at that time.  Interesting, interesting to see how many responded.  There were a few remarks made by "well meaning" Christians and that only fueled the flame for the onslaught as many cried out "we can do what we want!" 

Really??? As we began our study of Ruth I chose first to go back to set the tone for the times as they were as the story of Ruth unfolds.  Just take a moment, find the book of Ruth in your bibles, now go back just the the page before, that would put you in Judges and look carefully there, the very last verse, Judges 21:25.....see for yourself.
"In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes"

Do you not see us "America" right there?  In our day there is no king in our land,
we are quickly moving away from a "Christian" nation.  I heard recently that Pepsi has gone so far as to remove "in God we trust" from our Pledge of Allegiance that is now placed on their new cans.  We want to live by the same standard as in the days of the judges, "I can do what I want to do!" We don't have a king in our land......we have taken "The King" out of our schools, our courts and God help us "out of many of our churches".

We have "judges" who set over this land overturning godly constitutional standards.
We are living in a turbulent period and my Bible says judgement begins at the house of God (I Peter 4:16)  Those things that are now acceptable are happening because Christians have adopted the same philosphy, slowly accepting the ways of the world, softening our gospel to make us feel good. 

I hope you will underline that verse in Judges and ponder that in your hearts.  

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ruth - Loss, Love and Legacy

I'm soooo not ready, but eager to get started.

I clicked on today and was surprised to see it had been a whole month since my last post.   How can that be? 
I follow a few other blogs and am amazed at their consistency, photography and great spiritual insights.  I just wish I had the fortitude to get just some of my thoughts posted. 

A few weeks ago I was so up and ready to get this thing going. I had pages of notes and quotes and was ready to fly.  Today I'm feeling the need for much of Him and His power to carry me.

Tomorrow will be our first home meeting for the study of Ruth.  We are using Kelly Minter's book as well as several bits and pieces from some great scholars of the Word.

We will walk with Ruth through her struggle of loss, her joyous find of love and the legacy that will be left as we see God use ordinary people to accomplish His eternal plan and promises.  We will see His grace overcome the law.

I hope you will join us.  If you need a book I have extra copies and would be glad to get one out to you ASAP. $20 will cover the book and shipping or you can contact  Lifeway Books at http://www.lifeway.com/