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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our next WOW Bible Study

Ladies........I have been blessed to have participated in two of Kelly's Bible studies, and I mean BLESSED.  She is the author of No Other Gods and Ruth, also others. I can say without a doubt this will be an adventure and blessing.

Our target date to start this study will be April 18th.  That gives you plenty of time to get yours ordered. (If you local ladies want me to order in bulk to save us shipping, let me know)

I see Lisha has posted her great Chicken Wrap recipe, it is sooooo good. I had a similar version for my lunch today before I saw the blog, truly our minds must run together.   You really need to try this one.

I'm finding it hard not to just read ahead in my book.  I'm loving the challenge that Lysa posses for us and find  myself going back and re-reading daily. 

Have you been challenged?  Have you seen some success and "change" of mind in your struggles and goals?   We are encouraged to hear from you, I've also added a new feature where you can just check a box if you are hesitant to comment and there's also one there for those who need prayer....let us know.  We may not know who checked that box, but He knows as we pray for you.


Lisha said...

I'll be ordering my book on payday. I've posted a link to this on my blog and sent out email invites to various ladies. I hope we get some more to join us.

kim said...

I'll be participating on this study. I can't wait to pick up my book from Lifeway!

Looking forward to getting started. ;-)