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Monday, March 21, 2011

Made for More - Chapter 5

I have read and reread this chapter.  So much good stuff here as we really dig into Eph 1:16-20.  It was so good I read the whole chapter.

Personal Reflections today.  I do hope you each will get into those and dwell there to answer them for yourself.   There is some real "keys" to who you are in Christ in our chapter today. 

I took the time to write my name in each blank on #4 and as I did I spoke it out loud that my ears might hear the truth of God's promises.  His Word tells us "that you might know the truth and truth shall make you free.  I can be free in Him.  I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.

I have a "theme song" going thru my mind today. 
"I've got the power, in the name of Jesus. 
I've got the power, in the name of the Lord.......


Lisha said...

This journey is tough. It was good to be reminded of who Christ says I am. I can often be down on myself because of my weight. I need to know and really let it seep in that God loves me and sees me as valuable no matter what size I am. Being overweight is not his best for me, but it doesn't diminish who I am in him.

I'm still back at needing the want to in all of this. Yesterday I was doing well. I made a huge pot of chicken soup which really hit the spot for me, but later I was faced with a bag of Ghiradelli milk chocolates. I caved. I really did. After successfully resisting all the goodies and snacks in Sunday School earlier in the day, I was feeling pretty good about myself, and then I caved. I can see that I do need to tap into the power of the Holy Spirit in this.

It's been a prayer of my heart for quite some time to know God more deeply. I desire a closer walk with him. Until this study, it never occurred to me that battling out my food issues, could be a catalyst for getting to know God better. This is challenging stuff, but do I want it? Do I want it bad enough to say no to those Ghiradelli squares even when I am tired and stressed? After what Christ has done for me, I must deny myself and follow him. I must do this. I have to break the bad patterns and replace them with some healthier ones.

Faith said...

I praise God for who he has created me to be with words but in my mind I am reacting another way. I need to accept me as God has accepted me all my hang-ups and all and humble myself unto him to draw near to God has also been my desire but as Lisha says do I want it bad enough to die to the cycle of craving this food instead of craving God. This is why I am going through this journey so I can draw near to God and be victorious in the Spirit first so I can be victorious in the body as well. This study and the study I am doing on love is so challenging I want to die to the flesh daily to let the Holy Spirit live in me and through me. Amen!