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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Truth is powerful - Chapter One

I had a "challenge" present itself to me at lunch yesterday.  I ate a healthy lunch and then just out of habit I was headed to the fridge to get that last fudge bar. I stopped suddenly and realized how quick I could have just done that and remembered my challenge to you yesterday.  Outloud I said "NO" I'm not going to do that! Gave myself quite a chuckle.  But I seen quickly how old habits and patterns can get us before we realize it.

Eve was saturated in her desire.  Jesus was saturated in God's truth.
What a comparison!  When we turn those desires into the "craving of God's
truth" we can have the same response as Jesus, "Get away from me, Satan"!
This is not only powerful in our response for food but what about other areas of our lives that we need to be concerned with? 

Personal Reflections:
I gave way to a lot of "cravings" last week.  One day I found myself just stuffed with all the wrong foods. Yuck!  The result left me drained and miserable.  Not a good feeling.
I guess it really "set me up" for this week and knowing I just want to feel healthy, feel good and be energized, physically, mentally and spiritually.
I have found as I have purposed to be in the Word daily that I do crave that now. 

Good to see Lisha and Faith on board here.  Others have checked in to see what's going on so welcome to you too.  We hope you will join us.  And be sure and check out the sites available by clicking on the pictures on the right. 
I got my first email on the 21 Day Challenge yesterday......good stuff. Go to Lysa's site and sign up.  Take advantage of all the support you can get!

C'mon girls......let's "Crave" something good.


Lisha said...

I am amazed by this idea that God made us to crave. I love the scripture in Psalm 84:1-2 about yearning and crying out for God. I think I just found my Siesta Scripture Verse for the next two weeks.

The three pronged ways that Satan uses to tempt us are also amazing to me. I think there is power in understanding how he works. It makes it easier to recognizes his deception when it comes. I can see that I need to get some more scripture under my belt if I am to successfully resist his schemes.

Cravings are the hardest temptation for me to overcome. I think one reason is that junk food is ALWAYS easy and accessible. Almost every trip through the staff lounge at work presents temptations. And even if there's nothing there, a candy bar doesn't cost all that much. Furthermore, we have to eat. It's not like we can throw food out of our lives. I think this is one reason that food addictions are so hard to break. You must take in food and let's face it, junk food is easier, more convenient, and frankly costs less to consume than the healthier stuff. But I feel like maybe Lysa's onto something here and I'm feeling less tentative and more hopeful about plowing ahead.

Faith said...

I too am amazed the way God has made us to crave and realize why. It is just that we seam to turn that craving to the wrong things and oh the consequences are horrendous some times just as sin our lives is as well. As I stated before I need to tackle an issue of giving in or compromise because I actually want to be obedient and be able to have the promises of God in my life. Also I am not sure how to sign up for the 21 day challenge for the daily e-mail. Onward and upward in Christ as I proclaim the scripture Psalms 84: 1-2.

Lisha said...

Faith, to subscribe tot eh 21 day challenge, just click on the link in the right margin of our Women of the Word blog. That link will take you to the Made to Crave page. Once it loads, there is a 21 day challenge link at the top right of the page. Once you click no that, there is a box on the right side that you fill out to get the 21 day challenge emails. Give it a try. If you still need some help let us know.