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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chapter 12 - The Curse of the Skinny Jeans

"Tying my happy to food, skinny jeans or anything else sets me up for failure"

Did this speak to you like it did to me?  Over and over again I must ask myself, what do I "tie" my happiness too?  I so want to learn to be content with what He has given me, allowed me to have, allotted me in this life.  As I see what is going on in the world around us I find myself ever so thankful for our humble house on the hill, the dated car left to me by my dad and a job that meets our budget each month.

A few years ago we were forced to "size down".  We sold our large, custom home on acreage with a quality horse facility.  We sized down our horses, moved here with six.  The last thing I surrendered was my garage door opener.  I now park outside and scrape the snow and ice off, start the car at least 15 minutes before I have to leave.

We have slowly said goodbye to more horses and now waiting for the last mare to be sold.  I owned her dam and so have raised her from birth.  I will sort through my remaining tack soon to prepare for a "tack sale".  I wll caress my new saddle and smell in the leather, probably shed a few tears. But truly, I want my "joy" to be tied to Him.

I will find peace in contentment in that which He allows me.  Not that having the horses was bad, neither is the food I consume.  I placed my whole being in those horses.  I spent every possible moment I could, training, riding, hauling and showing horses.
God has been gracious as He has slowly, lovingly allowed me to open my hands and let go of the reins.  I have replaced the leather of the bridle for the leather of my Bible and oh what peace that floods my soul.

I want to learn to "remain" in Him that my joy may be complete.


Lisha said...

I'm typing through blurred eyes and moist cheeks right now. I know how much your horses meant to you, and I am greatly moved by your open hand giving up the reins and taking in the word of God. It is an inspiration to me and makes me take stock of my own life. Is there something that God is asking me to let go of? I know there will be blessing upon blessing for your obedience to our Lord.

As I thought about things I tie my happy to, it was not a pretty sight. God is wanting to deal with me, not only in the area of food, but in so much more. I've tied my happy to having a clean and organized home, which hasn't happened in the way I'd like. It's often cluttered and I'm lucky to get everything cleaned each week. It definitely messes up my happy.

There are other areas to such as the test scores of my students. If they do well, I feel good. If they do poorly, I feel like a heal.

Our pastor did a sermon series on joy. I need to go back and read over those notes again. God wants me to have joy no matter what the tag on my jeans say, whether my house is sparkling or in need of a good cleaning, and without regard to the number of students in my class at proficient or advanced levels. There's so much more this book than food issues.

Faith said...

And I as well Lisha. I am trying to get refocused on the main thing. Accepting the salvation of Jesus Christ in my life and that I am good enough through the grace he has given me. I want to be about my father's business and proclaim the Gospel to the lost. I started watching the New Great Awakening revival that started last year I believe and I am seeking the fire of the baptism of the Holy Spirit which gives me the passion for the lost and the compassion for the lost as well which I definitely need to do the work He has called me to do.I realize that in order to do this I have to deal with what we are dealing with in this book and give up what I have been keeping in my hands instead of taking in the Word of God and being obedient to it and Him.