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Thursday, January 5, 2012

God's sweet Word

I've been dwelling and meditating on a verse from Psalm 143:8 :

Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness
in the morning.
For in You do I trust

Cause me to know the way
in which I should walk
For I lift up my soul to You

God's faithful love for His
unfaithful people

So, how do I hear His lovingkindness?

When I really started pondering this in my heart I was humbled. To think that even as I was doing my own thing and not considering His love toward me, He was still loving me.  He was still calling out to me. 

I "hear" His lovingkindness as I dwell in His Word.  He speaks to my heart, into hurts and needs and desires, thru His Word.  I "hear" His lovingkindness when someone gives me a word of encouragement, either directly or thru a note, article or sermon.  I hear His lovingkindness when I "listen" for Him.

Today my Psalm reading was Chapter 5.  I heart leaped when I got to verse 3;

My voice You shall hear in the morning ,O Lord.
In the morning I will direct it to You
and I will look up.

How great is that!! "In the morning" !!
He will hear my voice in the morning
and I will hear His lovingkindness.

"In the morning" I will direct my voice to Him
and He will cause me to the way in which
I should walk.

Have you heard His Lovingkindness lately?