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Monday, March 14, 2011

How do I really get close to God?

This is a good thought to ponder today. 

It's a process that begans by taking a "first step", moving in His direction, turning away from the "old" nature and looking to Him for the "new" woman.  So today, take a "first" step, doing something away from what you have been doing.

I know it gets old to hear people tell you to "be in the Word", take time out for prayer, etc.......but usually these are people who are in the Word, who do take time for Him, be it even small increments.  Those who do realize the benefits and just want you to know yourself.

Many times we try to do it all in one "swell floop", but today, try one small step.

Jesus challenged the rich young man where the rich young man needed to be challenged.  Today, let's consider "one thing" we could give up today and when
that "one thing" really presses on you, challenges you, look to Jesus.....can you let Him be more than that "one thing" today.

My prayer today is that He will give me enough "want to" for this day and for each of you too.  Let's go sisters, let's do this thing!!!

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Lisha said...

I need some serious "want to". I need to make it a matter of prayer, "God give me the want to to stick it out and make permanent changes." I need some tenacity.