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Friday, April 1, 2011

Emotional Emptiness - Chapter 14

Could you even read this chapter without a box of kleenex?  Did it "trigger" a memory or two for you? 

"Everyone has hurts from their past." - Lysa

My heart was touched as Lysa bared her heart feelings about her dad leaving.  For some of us we have heartwrenching stories about a dad that stayed physically but had no idea of the needs of his children.  We have stories of parents that pulled us back and forth across the country fighting over who had custody. This list could go on and on.

 I was talking with a dear sweet pastor's wife.  In the course of our conversation I told her I had recently lost my son.  With genuine compassion she replied, "We all have stories, don't we?"  That has stuck in my mind as I realize we all have something that we have struggled to deal with, get through and "see God's hand in".  How we choose to "let go and let God" do the healing and restoration  will affect us daily.

"To think on hard things keeps us in hard spots and only serves to deepen our feelings of emotional emptiness" - Lysa

Personal Reflections  #3
A mosaic is a work of art made up of hundreds or thousands of tiny, broken pieces of glass or ceramic tile. Lysa describes how God is making a mosaic of restoration and healing in her heart, gathering up her broken pieces and making them into something beautiful.  Can you imagine God doing something like this in your heart? 

If God used the broken pieces of your life to make a
beautiful image,
what do you hope it would look like?


Lisha said...

Like Lysa, I too have been to counseling and dealt with some childhood hurts. We all have them because we live in am imperfect world with imperfect family and friends. But I really liked the way Lysa applied Philippians 4:8 to her painful memories of an absent father. I think we can use this same technique with our painful memories and even those things that are currently causing pain.

I don't know what I want my mosaic to look like. I think I'm best to leave the design in God's hands.

Faith said...

I too do not know what I want my mosaic to look like but I like the one Patti has made and I too want to leave the design in God's hands as well.