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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapter 15 - The Demon in the Chip Poster

"If no one sees you, then the calories don't count"

Have you fallen for this one, or should I say, how often do we fall for this thought.  Surely the candy bar we eat on the way home from the store won't matter that much.  Guilty! I'm guilty of this one.  Not so much now, but this can be a real "thief in the night" moment.  Secret sins.  Maybe it's not food for you, but other vices that we know are not pleasing to Him. 

"This isn't just a battle in the physical and mental realm.
This battle is spiritual as well.
Satan wants us to sneak things in secret."

This study has opened my eyes to more than just the "food" battle in my life, but other areas that I need to trust God in.  I pulled out the statement "Cravings that consume us when we are at our weakest points" , the key word here "weakest" or "off guard".
Satan lies in wait to catch us at our weak, off guard moments.  More so the need to be in the Word daily and filling our minds with His promises and provision. 

One of the suggestions I like to make for someone who isn't quite sure where to start in daily Bible reading, Proverbs.  This book has 31 chapters.  I suggest reading the chapter that coincides with the day of the month, so today you would read chapter 4, tomorrow chapter 5 and so on....Now if you miss a day you can choose to make it up or pick up on the day of the month again.   Proverbs has a lot of wisdom on dealing with people and life in general.  Proverbs 1:2 (The purpose) To know wisdom and instruction. To perceive the words of understanding,..... read on it's very good.

I pray you are encouraged today and the "demon"of temptation will be chased away as you apply what you have learned in our study together.


Lisha said...

It may empower me to think about the idea that what I fall to in secret only serves to reveal to Satan my weaknesses and makes his job of tripping me up even easier. I too have eaten that candy bar on the way home from the store.

I have seen healthy eating as restrictive, but I like the anagalogy that Lysa gives about it being a boundary for safety. Today as I face our staff BBQ at lunch, I need to focus on what I can have and not what I can't.

Faith said...

Well I am still working on this one here as this week was my Birthday. I gave in to a few corn chips with a hamburger with no bun and then lasagna and cheese cake my mom made for my birthday. So I am confessing and I am working on turning from this path again. This is definitely a trial and a journey.