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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pick Me, Pick Me - Chapter 2

"Least-chosenness"  - Love Kelly's humor and wit, but seriously I think we could all identify with being "least-chosen".  In the real world it happens, all the more why we need to see that He has chosen Us.

I hope you have taken the time to read and literally "dwell" in Psalm 139.  Stroll and linger in it, absorb it, inhale it, whatever.....please make it personal and refresh yourself in His love for you and your very "chosenness" in Him.

Lisha had shared with me a revelation about Psalm 23, one I'm sure we are all familiar with. Unfortunately it's the familiar ones where we seem to miss some of the best nuggets of truth.  Take verse 6 in your Bible, underline "follow" and in red above it write "pursue"  Read it again and understand that He is pursuing you, not following, but pursuing you.  That changes the concept for me and helps me to understand that He has always sought me out.  Jer 1:5 tells us again that "before I formed you in the womb I knew you"

Turn to page 193 in your books, there are 5 questions for chapter 2.  Would you choose one and comment today?


Lisha said...

Reading Colossians 3:12 shows me that I need to keep things in the right order. I am accepted and deeply loved therefore, I get to put on the uniform of one who belongs to God. Putting on the virtues doesn't make me holy or even make me a Christian. The virtues follow the first part. I really liked Kelly's analogy of the Navy uniform. That really helped me grasp this concept.

I really liked Psalm 139. It shows me that God really knows me. He sees me and knows me even better than I know myself. I don't have to strive for his accpetance because I already have it. I had it before time began.

Question 3 asked about a relationship where you feel chosen. There are two in my life. Obviously with my spouse I feel chosen as it should be. The other one is with my mom. She was young, unmarried, scared and alone when she found herself pregnant with me. She could have gotten an abortion. She could have given me up for adoption, but instead she chose me. And she's been a GREAT mother who's given me a lot of good things in this life.

diana cummins said...

Looking at Colossians 3:12 its wonderful to know that we are chosen before we are kind and forgiving. We are loved before we learn to be gentle and compasionate. How awesome is that!

Lisha said...

It's very awesome Diana! Thanks for sharing.

kim said...

Evidence of God's delight in me? In my choseness? Psalm 139?

Where do I begin? That the God of heaven made me fearfully and wonderfully. That He had a divine hand in my makeup. That His thoughts were precious toward me. How that all speaks of His glory and grace.

It all points to His goodness, which brings me to my point. Any delight the LORD finds in me is directly related to His goodness manifested.