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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Peace, Not as the World Gives

Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace.......

I hope you can take a moment, sit back, click on this video and rest in
 His peace today.
Hopefully you will know the words and can let them refresh your soul and spirit as you take in the majestic and beautiful works of His hand.

Kelly mentions that Peace has to be fought for.....it is kind of a contradiction, but so true.   We  do have to apply effort to obtain His peace.  I agree with her, "our efforts will never outweigh the joy of peace restored to our souls that were once at odds. "
(Eph 2:17-18)

I wish you Peace this Mother's Day weekend.  Today's chapter will be our last chapter for this week.  We will resume Monday with Chapter 9.  It's a triple blessed weekend for me...Lisha made my first Mother's Day 43 years ago on May 9th! My second daughter Mischel celebrates her 40th on May 6th....really, blessed Mother's Day to each of you.

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Lisha said...

I'll take question 1 for starters. The things that disrupt my peace are often not the major crisis. When I look back over my life and see those times of high stress, I could almost physically feel the arms of Jesus around me, sustaining me. But most of the time, the things that disrupt my peace are too much noise, disorganized clutter, or a busy schedule. If I can't have down time to read scripture, pray, write, I can find myself searching for peace.

Kelly offered some new insight for me when she gave the definitions of Shalom. There is a whole lot more to peace than what I've thought.

diana cummins said...

Thanks for the video Patti. I like on page 115 where it said Jesus left His own peace in Heaven, that He might give the peace which He enjoyed with His father, to us in this world of sorrow,for thus He puts it"My peace I give unto you." He is so awesome!