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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kindness - Chapter 10

Random acts of Kindness.  Make a Difference Mondays.

These were the first couple that came to mind.  I'm sure there are a long list of similar themes to which we could apply ourselves from time to time.  Thinking of this I'd like to encourage you to grab a question from page 200 and give us some feedback. 

I'm going to consider a powerful act of kindness shown towards me that has had lasting results.  I ran away from home just at my sixteenth birthday.  I needed a "safe place".  A pastor and his wife opened their home to me, sight unseen, and provided a stable, safe Christian environment.  Thru that act of kindness and selfless love God was able to plant good seed in the soil of my heart and now some 43 years later I get glimpses of "good fruit".


Lisha said...

I'll take question 3: What challenges your spirit of kindness the most? What immediately comes to my mind is disobedience or disrespect. Those two things will irk me quite quickly, and I can find it hard to show kindness.

Anonymous said...

I too will answer question #3. The thing that challenges me most where kindness is concerned is injustice. I cannot tolerate outright injustice. It is just plain wrong.
While I can demonstrate civility in the face of injustice, my heart/attitude is truly, surely tried.